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howard kauffman

New Member
Hi Keith thanks for your email. I live in the UK and I am having my
amphi restored there. I think something is 'up' at the restorer and I
am thinking of coming over to check it out, regards,howard

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Canadian four amphs

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Kieth is about 35 miles away.When I was at his place He owned 2 Amphi,s #2 he was doing a real good restoration on,he comes to all the main swim ins with his #1 and knows whats what etc.

howard kauffman

New Member
Gord, thank you for your email. I have phoned and left a message for the
people who have my car. If they do not get back to me my choices are to get on a
plane , or ask someone local to Manchester CT to see the people. I hope it
does not come to this as I am some way into the restoration and keen to get the
job done, kind regards, Howard Kauffman