Maint. Manuals on CD?



To answer the few who asked, I have a timeline on the Maintenace
manuals. I fully expect to have them ready around the end of Feb. I
will be using a top quality spiral binding so they lie flat with a
nice covers and laser printed on top quality paper for durability.

I will also be putting them on CD complete with clickable navigation
through all sections, retouched photos (corrected and sharpened for
clarity). Prices are not set yet as I am not sure how many I should
(or will) print. It will depend on the demand.

One question - Would you prefer to have them on both hard copy and CD
or sold seperately?

Sorry it has taken so long, I can't tell you exactly how many hours I
have into them. I found hundreds of errors in them resulting from the
tranlation to English. I went through each and every word on every


PS - Parts manuals are next!

would like to see them seperate or maybe a special if yuo buy both

jay plum 67

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