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For the last couple years, Amphis have been a hit at the Annual Naples Causeway Water Parade & Show featured in new Town of Naples Tourism Video:

>> NOW! - Naples has grown to TWO fun events, back-to back!! <<

STARTING Aug 4,5,6,7

1) NAPLES AMPHI SWIM-IN, classic Donzi meet & Pigroast weekend!
Your hosts: Gerry O & Lori E- contact for info:
Anyone that has been to a Swim-In hosted by Gerry &Lori knows its a surprise-filled blast!!
(Swim-in info):

...and continuing, as usual! - Aug 8,9,10,11,12:

2) 24th Annual Causeway Classic Boat & Car Show & Parade week
Crowds have loved seeing Amphis at the show in the last couple years -
Be sure to check out this new & enlarged event as well!

(8-12th Show-week info):
Tuesday Aug 8 - 9:45AM: Camp Sunshine Cruise

For the first time! Amphicars are invited join us! - as we cruise & swim together from Causeway Marina/Bayview Cabins to Camp Sunshine on Sebago Lake, where we show up to bring wide-eyed joy to incredibly appreciative kids battling life-threatening illness. Includes free shore lunch. You will never feel better about giving rides, than this event the Woodies Club has done for so many years to benefit this great charity.
If you prefer to drive there, rather than swim thru the Canal & Lock with the boats, use the Point Sebago Resort ramp at the end of Lakepoint Rd in Casco (see photo), to meet us for lunch at 12noon at the Camp dock next-door. Rides begin about 1pm.
Here is a great shot - just ease down the ramp and there you are (note the classic boats lined up to give rides - for the safety of kids and vintage boats, just wait for an approved OK from Woodies Club reps before any big splashes - which we know the kids would love!!)
Point Sebago Ramp -  Camp Sunshine..png

Wednesday Aug 9 -10:15AM: Long Lake Cruise
Classic boats and Amphis travel from Naples Causeway, to the northern end of beautiful Long Lake, for lunch at the Village Tie-Up General Store in Harrison. It's quintessential Maine, and the views to Mount Washington are amazing. (If it's a bit too choppy or too far/slow by water, Amphis can simply drive there on Route 35 north and show off at the docks for the locals until the boats arrive at noontime!) After lunch, we boat or drive back home - some boats use this time to show off some speed, but "slow or go", its a great, gorgeous lake.

Thursday Aug 10 - 10:15AM: Beach & Boat to Migis Lodge!
Now THIS is a vintage Maine cruise! By popular request, the club cordially invites Amphi owners for a ride in Classic & Antique boats! Migis Lodge ( one of Maine's most classic lake-resorts hosts the Classic Boats at their coveside-docks for an authentic shoreline "Picnic in the Pines". Let us be your chauffeur to Migis - and chat about cars and boats as we vintage-cruise the peaceful riverway, thru the amazing 1830 Songo Lock, Cross big Sebago, and arrive at historic Migis to tie up for lunch.
An equally amazing attraction half way there is gorgeous Sebago Sandbar. Drive on up! - the water is incredible, sandy and WARM! Check it! (start at aprx 2 minutes in)
So you have options! - Amphi owners may choose to leave their cars safe at Causeway Marina while they hop into vintage boats for the relaxing boat-cruise. Other Amphis may choose to pack a lunch, tag along down the canal with the boats as far as the Sandbar and umbrella-picnic there. Or Amphi oners can spend some time at the Sandbar, then leave your car with a trusted friend for awhile, and hop into a mahogany as we pass by, for the (often big, open Sebago water) final-leg over to Migis. The boats round the Sandbar about 11:15/11:30am, and can pick up Amphi-passengers - just give us a wave! The wonderful, shady, classic shady waterfront Maine-lodge buffet lunch is $25, and well worth it. (RSVP pls below-for headcount).
After lunch, the boats return to Sebago Sandbar for beaching & swimming…and a final leisurely cruise back thru the locks & scenic river and return to the Causeway.
INFO: $7.50 per pass thru lock (closes at sunset), $8.00 daypass for Sebago State Park ramp (very close/handy to sandbar - for drivers that wish to skip the river/lock cruise&get right to the beach)

Friday Aug 11: Amphi Splash-ins & Famous "Water Parade"
An Amphi-Highlight of the Northeast
5:30pm to 7:15pm - Amphicars meet up at Dan & Dawn Allen's Causeway Marina, as he hosts his personal-favorite event: Amphi Launches! The Marina is right on the Causeway, giving spectators a great view. PA announcements gather a big crowd from all the waterfront restaurants, and news coverage is always likely.
7:15pm - Classic Boats and Amphicars head out to Brandy Pond to line up for the annual Classic Watercraft Parade. - featuring Official Naples Marine Patrol Escort! Proceeds from Brandy Pond, under the new bridge, along the Causeway, with two loops past the town dock, and returning in closer to entertain the tourists, tie up, drive up on the Amphi-beach… and even offer rides! (see the ramps avail below)

Saturday Aug 12 - 9:30AM-3PM: 24th Annual Naples Causeway -Classic Boat & Car Show
Amphis are a star of the show at biggest show of the summer! - with classic boats gracing the docks, and restored vehicles lining the Causeway. No charge/non-judged - just fun! We'll reserve a some parking spaces for Amphis to come and go, so you can park and show, and offer rides and entertain the crowds along the waterfront. Some Amphis even charge a good natured "fee", and work out a kind charity donation at our fundraising tent for the kids over at Camp Sunshine. Ron Trudeau started this wonderful gesture, and is a huge hit with the crowd. Stay and show, or come and go! Attend for a while, then choose to cruise - it's all up to you! Naples is the perfect Amphi-spot, whatever you do. Ramps courtesy of Long Lake Marina, Causeway Marina, Naples Marina and Town Landing (past Long Lake Marina) - be mindful of routine business ramp-use. Gestures of gratitude for their kind support are always appreciated!
Sat Night: Up to you! - Dine on the Causeway, hit classic Bridgeton Twin Drive-in at dusk, and even head to Brays Brewpub, Ricks or Freedom Cafe for music and dancing at night!

Sunday Aug 13 - Breakfast & Beach? - before blasting off
Breakfast at Top of the Hill Grille down the road is a great suggestion...or just coffee on the Causeway before heading out one last time! Your choice...but a lot of folks can't resist returning to that amazing Sebago Sandbar! : by the river&lock,...or as mentioned earlier, faster for most beach-time, by entering at Sebago State Park's launch ramp, making it a short 3 minute swim over to the beach ($8 fee/sometimes a short gate-wait).

24th annual show & Swim week hosted by the Mountainview Woodies Classic Boat Club

Contact & MC: Jon March -1967 Fijord Green 203-910-7903

MAINE LAKE STICKERS REQUIRED - obtain in-town here:

(USA water registration needed as well - as the Ewings found out!!@)


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Jon March

Two back to back weekends - with events every weekday between - begin tomorrow!

Get to Naples Causeway, in gorgeous, sandy, pine treed Maine, folks!!

txt questions, etc to Jon -

Jon March

Classic photo taken by Ina C at this weeks first event!! A fantastic time was had with the Donzi boats with agreement that this should continue in gorgeous Naples Maine. Working hard as I could on my car I just couldn't get it together in time for the show ...but that didn't stop me from showing up with proper Amph-accessories and appripriate ceremony to lend my support to Gerry and Lori for a great swim in!
Very pleased that the Amphicars have taken to my vintage little summer hometown.

Today we begin phase 2 of show week – – starting by giving rides to breve and appreciative kids at our clubs honorary charity -Camp Sunshine on Sebago Lake
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