Madison WI Swim-in Next year or Milton swim-in this fall?

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Is any one interested in having a swim-in in Madison next year? I
have contacts with the local Yacht Club which I am told has a
wonderful ramp and would love to have us, and we have several hotel
options we could work on. If there is interest, we will try to
contact the hotels, yacht club, and a few good bars/restaurants with
or near ramps to try to get local support for our swim-in for next
year. We may even be able to coordinate our swim-in with a local
water event if we start inquiries now. Let us know if you are

Marty and I have had so much fun the last few weeks with the
swim-ins, making friends, laughing, and enjoying all the excitement a
gathering of Amphis brings, it is a let down not to have any event
coming up this fall to hit the water with Amphi friends. If any one
is also missing the comaradarie of swimming with other Amphis and
wants to have one last blast before winter storage is upon us, Marty
and I would be more than happy to host a local gathering at our house
(no hotels necessary, we will try to accomodate everyone at our house)
yet this fall. We have lots of room. Our water access is not quite
as convenient as Nick and Sandy's but it is near by and we have lake
and river swimming available. We live out in the country with lots
of woods and wildlife around us. If there is any interest in either
event let us know.