Madison, the capital of WI



The Madison Swim-In (Madison is the capital of Wisconsin & is
surrounded by large glacier created lakes) at one of the city's
lakes, Lake Mendota, was an Amphi lover's extravaganza we are glad we
didn't miss it. The 6 cars that swam certainly had onlookers
interested. We all gave many rides to the questioning folks that
were drawn to our back seats. The waves were up and a few of us,
including forewarned riders were soaked by a few of these immense
ripples. (If you aim into the waves at just the right angle, you may
be able to keep the front seat dry and only allow the waves to crest
into the back seat; not that I would ever do such a thing).
Thanks to our friends who live around the Madison area for showing us
a great time and making campground arrangements. With Amphi drying
out this morning, we are still talking about the good times we had
and how we are looking forward to doing it again next year.
Marty & Caryl
'64 Turq
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