Mike D

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Hi Mike,

I'm sorry we never got around to do a show last season. Are you up
for one this year? I really want to make this happen.

Mike D.

Michael de Avila
Rockville Creative Inc.
241 Centre Street, 6th floor
New York, NY 10013

Mike in N.H.

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:dft012:Hi Mike, Im always up for fishin and amphi adventure.The ice is still thick at my favorite bass holes here in N.H. You and your TV show should join us at the Harris Chain of Lakes in Florida in 2 weeks.(Mt Dora) The area is known for its world class bass fishin and lots of amphicars.Dave the Wave and I will be once again competing in the annual bottle bass tournament, an event not to be missed.If thats too far to travel, stop by my place anytime after ice-out.Im always ready. Regards, Mike