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I am sure I have seen this somewhere but I can't seem to find it now.
A forum search here under (wheel bolt pattern) found some interesting information.
If I find more information I will post it here.



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Ray the bolt patern is very close to Fords 4 1/2 inch patern but not quite, you could force a ranger rim on, I think Dan has 14 inch Ford on his custom in Fl.
I have a set of quater inch alu, wheel spacers inFl. that I have custom fit. Ron can get them out and show you if your up Leesburg way.
I should be back in Fl. on the 15th. We will be loading all the Amphicar stock into Rons truck and leaving at the Amphicar meets.

Randy... I am working on a 90% all fibreglass Amphicar.. can send some photos
fender on



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Ed Price

Does anyone know what the lug nut spacing & offset specs are? Thanks Ray


I collected quite a bit of data about the Amphi wheels, so here is all my data:

Bolt circle pattern is 5 x 112 mm.
The spindle stud holes are sized to fit a 14x1.5 millimeter stud.
The outboard side of each spindle stud hole is faced to accept Ball style lug nuts.
The center hole in the wheel is 2.5" diameter.
The Rim Width (where the tire bead rests against the rim) is 4.5".
The Amphi wheel is a Positive Offset design, where the plane of the wheel/hub surface is outboard of the center of the Rim Width.
The amount of Offset is 1.125" positive.
The Back Space (the distance from the plane of the wheel/hub surface to the plane of the inner rim inside edge) is 3.875".
The Inner Diameter of the wheel, at the plane of the wheel/hub surface, is 10.75".
The Inner Diameter of the wheel, at the inside rim flange, is 12.5".

I also found that the wheels were made by Lemmertz. Stamped on the inside of the wheel rim is an "L" in a large script style, and the letter continues as a swooping arc under the smaller "emmertz". And even more amazing is that the wheels carry a date code! Clean your wheel very carefully, and you should fine these markings.

I have seen references to this wheel used in Mercedes 190 in the late 50's and also the Ford Fairlane from the early 60's. The Mercedes reference sounds reasonable (although not proven), but the Ford reference sounds bogus, if only because American wheels use a TAPER lug nut, while the Amphi uses a BALL lug nut.

If anyone wants, I can supply you with a dimensioned engineering drawing of the Amphi wheel. Email me directly at

Ed Price
El Cajon, CA
Gord...I can't wait to see your glass creation.
Ed...Thanks for the information, I may have to send for the drawing.
I believe one of my rear wheels is a non-standard Amphi rim. :(

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