Lucas lube Joints BW2


Dave Derer

I have heard of others using a mix of Asoil and Lucas gear lubes. I have
decided to try in my own. Some have complained Amsoil is too thin and
slippery and tends to leak past older seals. The Lucas is really thick
like STP or Motor Honey. These transmissions do get very hot and I am
hoping that the Lucas will help. Any one else using similiar?

Chuck search for double lip replacement, Snap on or Hugh has tool for
bolts. On U joints press one side as far as you can then turn over and
hit joint itself. To install new joint take caps off, dont screw up
needles. Install joint and carefully press on caps. I have a Napa number
for joints but appears too short any better replacement numbers out
there? I think Tampa Tommy might have?

BW2 not done but we are river testing today. The 1300 with dual carbs
actually gained speed going up a slight grade! Car easily hit 60 mph.

Billy Syxx still looking for someone to share drive out here for Swim
In. Give him a call.

Later Dave the Wave