LST Evansville Indiana Event 2009

Dave, I have been in touch with Kenny & Anna since Celina. They own the DUKK.* They had mentioned the event you are talking about where we could drive our Amphicars on to the LST at Evansville IN, I believe, and travel down the*Mississippi.*It sounds like a neat trip.***
White 66

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Subject: [General Amphicar Discussion-t-20240] LST Evansville Indiana Event 2009

An Introduction From the Captain The link to the Official site for the USS LST. This could be a very exciting event. The Captain lives only a few miles from me. At Celina we got an invitation (if possible) to drive onto/into ship and have lunch. Head down river and get out. WWII M-1 M1 Helmet Amphibious Engineer Brigade NR!! We will need to buy helmets and camoflauge our cars!! Later Dave the Wave

Ron Green

I had a long conversation with Ken yesterday and he is going to write up an article for the newsletter on this meet. Still a lot of details to be worked out however he is thinking of having all the Amphicar's on the ships deck for a cookout / show for the Town. They are also working on blocking rooms, etc for the meet. All the amphibians will be in one hotel.

2009 swim in's including Evansville have been placed on a preliminary schedule on the website. See More details on all forthcoming.