Lowrance GPS



This winter I purchased and installed a Lowrance X-15 Sounder/GPS in
the amphi.

The unit is GREAT. I will never be in the water without it. It
offers split screens which place a highly detailed (and easy to read)
map of where you are, be it on land or water) on one side of the
screen with a really awsome sonar display of the area beneath your

One does not need to "fish" to appriciate one of these units. The
surface below can change and you can find yourself in water that you
should not be in. It will alert you of hazards like trees and rocks
extending up close to the surface.

When navigating unknown waters the GPS really helps. It saved me one
time when I would have been unsure of my location on a big lake. (you
know how us amphi people find oursleves and our crafts in stange
places). It lists public ramps (more essential to us amphibious craft
than any other if you think about it. I mean why would a boater care
where all ramps are. They just need to know where their trailer is
parked.) and it lists marinas and navigation lights/radio towers.

As far as looks....why things have changed. The transducer that goes
under water is about the size of your thumb. I mounted mine on the
outer bottom lip of my rear axle tunnel. Ran cable up under battery
box. (yes went thru hull but well worth it).

With respect to the "ohhh and awww" factor of spectators.... well as
soon as they get over the standard fascination of the car and they
see the sonar and satellite navigation, they give an extra wow.

Bottom line... Any regular user of his Amphi should seriously
consider adding one of these. Costs about $1000. I love it so much I
bought two.. One for amphi and one for the Cabin Cruiser.

Red 63