lost virginity



After 3 long years of begging, my little girl finally gave in and
said FLOAT ME. Well I 'floated ' her like there was no tomorrow. I
floated her over 20 times today. I had as many as 4 friends "float"
her at a single time. We were up and down that ramp until we were
huffin and puffin blue in the face. I don't know who got off the

It was my 1st time. Amphi had been high and dry for 10 years. If
Amphi had a tail it was a waggin'.

We showed up (unexpectedly) together at a bbq shindig for a non-
profit clinic that my wife works for. Sea trials started at 10 am.
And I gave my last ride at 7pm. What a hoot.

My rig is a work in progress but it loves to play in betweem gigs.
I don't know who had more fun. The car? Me and my grin. Or the
kids and families that went crusin' with us.

And to think, I was ready to throw in the towel on this car a year
ago and sell it for $15k. Woo Hoo! Next stop Columbia River Wild
Salmon!! Well, maybe a Wilamette steel head.
Well, gotta crash. Havta park cars in the early AM at the Concours
de Elegaunce in Forest Grove Sunday morn.

There was a road trip of several classic cars that showed up with 4
Chris Craft day cruisers At the lake today. They took the other car
drivers for rides. We all admired each others riggs. Other than a
thumbs up me never spoke. And in the morning I will be directing
them to their show place parking slots at the one day car show. The
only boat I'd give my Amphi up for would be a Chris Craft which I
learned to ski behind on Lake Tahoe. But, what would I do with the
Car and trailer. I think not. When we meet Sunday I imagome I will
be cruisin' in a Chris Craft for a small exchange in Darwin.

WOO HOO!! Darwin floats after 10 long years!



i think cumming out at the end is the best ride woohoo!



we all practiced safe boating and wore protection. the Sheriff gave
us an A+ for safe boating.


wish i could hang out in Celina this week. I had 2 lovely ladies who
tracked me down today on the laked because they saw Pontiac Moon on
cable a few days ago. These girls were ready to rumble if the lady
I am married to wasn't too near by. I've not seen the 'Moon' yet.
Ordering it this weekend. I mean these ladies were ready to party.
I gotta see this show!

Have a safe and fun time in Celina.

Glenn y RAosa


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I had thought that I lost my virginity in an Amphicar, but I was mistaken. A more careful examination revealed that my virginity was not actuallylost. It had just fallen down behind the seat!


Reminds what an old girl friend used to say...
"Losing your virginity ain't all that important
as long as you still have the box it came in."


--- In amphicar-lovers@yahoogroups.com, chasgould@... wrote:
> I had thought that I lost my virginity in an Amphicar, but I was
mistaken. A
> more careful examination revealed that my virginity was not actually
> It had just fallen down behind the seat!
> Chas

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