Looking to buy front shocks (thru body)


Amphicar Expert
They are not available from Ca. at this time.
I have a Gabriel shock I can Modify and they work better! But I need your old shocks to do the mod.
Did a set in Fl.
and just did a set for Car I am restoring now,


Amphicar Expert
Anybody have an old set of threw hull front shocks? Jon Threw the parts I need out, so can not make him a set without the old ones.
I reuse the top and bottom spring holders and the black threaded collar below the washers in pic below.


Jon March

By the way – am I right in thinking that the reason my car was riding so hard like a rock was that the seals on my otiginal shocks were leaking - letting large amounts of water in and causing hydrolock? When I took them out water came pouring out the tops…

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