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Now that the season is almost over I am looking for a good interior kit to be installed in my Amphicar.

I would like a quality kit that will last a long time. Does anybody have any suggestions on who makes a good kit that is reasonably priced.

Mine is original to the car, 1964 and tangerine in color, would like it to have a better feel also. Thanks for your help.


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Gord Souter offers some excellent kits and many owners, including myself, have them.* I think Dave the Wave also provides interior kits that*I have gotten rave reviews.


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I have used the kits sold through members too and no complaints. I now have a local upholstery guy that I use. The quality is second to none and if something is wrong it is much easier to get it corrected. My guy does Jay Leno's Buggatti's and other multi-million $ cars, so I have never had any problems ever. Seams are laser straight (he actually uses a laser), top quality materals and the fit is perfect. Just be sure to use the new type of plastic backer board so your door panels alway fit and never warp.


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Dave has a small extra pocket on his along the front between your legs, not original but a great idea for sun cream, cameras, plastic fish etc

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I am home now. Out of Rehab, but my leg is still very poor,
basement stairs to parts room is very scarry!
Interior kits at this time I have in stock,'
Grey kit,(Red Car) Yellow kit(blue car,)red Kit(white car)
and a blue kit(custom for Blue cars or white)
Tangerine for Green cars can be made by the time your check arives so call me. I sit by phone watching TV most of the time as I am al^^$% up.