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Steve Plunkett's Charity car show is on June 7-8-9th. 2013
His web site for all info is (
Amphicars are a big part of his show and he features us all in his POND(very small)
We give rides all 3 days and collect money as a group, which is turned into Steve for his Charity's
In turn if you bring a Amphicar and help out all day He gives us Dinner and Shows!
Thisd year, Bobby Vinton(Roses are red, etc)
Paul Revier and the Raider will be back along with The Assosiasion(Windy)Mitch Rider, and Mary Wilson(Supremes)
There are usually over 3000 customs/cars/trucks/you name it at the show. gates open at 7 Am
and traffic is just plane crazy!
DO NOT ARRIVE LATE on Friday to camp or you will be turned away as traffic is coming to see Friday show,
Note the Elvis statue in the back of Rons car.



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Amphicar Expert
The show was a great sucess. There were 10 Amphicars, coming from NJ NH, Mi .Ohio and Ontario
we gave ride in the pond over the weekend and raised over $3500.00 for Caritys!
The shows(we got for free) were GREAT.

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