London Ontario Car Show


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Amphicars are invited to swim in the pond in London Ontario
Contact Gord If you want to bring your car, I may get you some Free stuff.Fleetwood.jpg


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As soon as I get some #s of interested owners I will call Steve and see if we can get into a show or....? LOOKS GOOD he said he has tickets for both shows.. THATS $260.00 worth of show.Just bring your Amphicar and give rides for his Charity!


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So far I have 6 Amphicars that have committed to be there,
I you would like to Join us let me know.
We will all be staying at the Quality Inn

Quality Suites London
1120 Dearness Drive
London, ON N6E 1N9
T: (519) 680-1024
F: (519) 670-8680