liquid styrofoam?

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Dave Derer

Well I never made it to river.But I was able to put top down and go to
the forest for our annual Christmas tree hunt. Sure it was just above
freezing but it was sunny. Some years the car gets filled with snow. I
am not sure how my tradition of driving a convertible with top down
started but it always makes people smile, especially when cruising an
Amphi. I came across some pics of Brown Wonder after paint, and after
reading about Gords excitement level I too got reignited. I love it when
I go on over load. It is hard to explain burning with passion. The
desire to push harder and longer. The neat part is it is not work in the
usual sense. Of course a new project demands some new tools. I ordered
up a new plasma cutter. I have a lot of cutting to do to make my new
Amphi. At this point I have a rebuilt engine slightly modified with dual
SU's and big cam. A restored trans. Most chrome redone including
compass. Cash flow will dictate interior. Is there such a thing as
liquid styrofoam ? I would like to fill the rockers and a majority of
floor. I want to get the interior as cool and quiet as possible. At some
point in future I want a.c. installed. Hey Joel how well is your a.c.
working? Later Dave the Wave