David Derer

I had found a link for the amphicar (aquarius) song with sound and now
cant refind it .Hey Bilgey can you help? Are there really Egroups that
send only lists of "happy" thoughts? I thought for sure Amphipoda would
have had some remake. Gulp, I have someone coming out to look at Brown
Wonder. I bumped up price. I wish he would come out say no and I could
get back to my upgrades. Does any one have neon on anything? I think it
would look so cool to have the interior glowing at night.And not from
the fires that start occasionally. Anyone else get Hughs water throttle
knob, and what did you think of it? Later Dave the Wave. Viva Celina!

I have the neon licence plate frame, but not for water. Have not thought
of inside. I have an extra, maybe I might try under the dash.