Light Pole Internal Thread Size


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Does anyone know the thread size of the inside of the light pole.
The area where the lower connection is made.

Mine needs to be retapped, before I put the new parts in. It appears to be dented a little bit and I want to run a tap through it.

Or does anyone have this size tap?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have NOS replacements for the bottom of the pole light with me here in Florida.( cost around $40) Hardware stores have a board with tread samples on them , I could take it in and see if I can find a match, it is a very fine thead about the size id a finger, the tap would be a specailize one that would have to be got from a speciailzd store($$$$)'
the other choice would be to take it to a machine shop and they could do it all for you.
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