"Life is what happens when your making other plans" - J. Lennon



I am sorry to say that I also will not be attending Celina.
Circumstances beyond my control prevent that. I have not been able
to drive my Amphi since early March. (boy is she mad!)

I have to publically say another "THANKS!" to all of our illustrious
board members!!! My health since March has not allowed me to be as
involved in the process as I should be. Everyone has stepped up and
made sure that you have a good time in Celina. Your memberships make
you part of an exclusive group of just all around good folk that can
not be matched. Please be sure to personally thank every one of your
board members for thier hard work and sacrifices. When things go
wrong, be understanding and lend a helping hand.

In the past, I have always avoided clubs. Then I got my 1st Amphi
from a gentleman literally on his deathbed and wanting to just get
rid of the car before he was gone. I never met him in person,
dealing exclusively on the phone. An odd story? Yes it is and
ironically enough quite a few of us have equally odd stories
surrounding the purchase of an Amphicar. Could it be by design? Now
I have many friends from one coast to the other. All of them are odd
in at least one respect, the love of the Amphicar and all that comes
with this affliction. Now I am a proud IAOC club member!

Everyone have a great time, be nice to all you meet and live the

Carpe Diem!
John Bevins Prez.