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    Long story, but better than nuttin'...
    I've got these two guys I've known
    forever, Spaz and Two-A-day, been
    part of my life since junior high
    school. Spaz, predictably, grew up
    to be the stereotypical clumsy nerd
    equipped with deluxe pocket protector,
    coke bottle thick glasses, and persistent
    acne. Two-A-Day on the other hand was
    a bit of a ladies man in his youth and
    somehow over the years managed to corner
    the market on bullshit. By chance or by
    master planning we get together every
    few years, rent a boat, and try to kill
    a few fish. This was the first year Spaz
    and Two-A-Day came to visit me since Amphi,
    my pride and joy, became a member of our family.

    Upon formal introductions with Amphi,
    both Spaz and Two-A-Day agreed it was
    a "cute set of wheels," but neither of
    them saw the propellers and surely didn't
    fathom Amphi's unique capabilities. Amphi
    whispered a plan of aqueous surprise and I
    voiced aloud that tomorrow we will take Amphi
    to the lake to "rent a boat." Spaz and
    Two-A-Day agreed, but on one condition?
    that I pay for the boat rental and they buy
    the beer. Seemed fair enough? Deal!

    Late Sunday morning we embarked to the lake
    with an arsenal of fishing tackle, licenses,
    and a cooler full of assorted sandwiches and
    a cornucopia of ice cold amber ale beverages.
    This would be a male bonding voyage of epic
    proportions. Three old buddies going fishing,
    swapping lies, and consuming mass quantities of
    consumables. Does it get any better than that?
    Well let me tell you my fin finned friends? Amphi
    knows how to make a good time even better.

    I offered to drop the guys off at the launch
    ramp while I go park Amphi and "rent us a boat
    for the day." As we approached the ramp the
    locals who recognized Amphi began to wave and
    cheer. Spaz commented from the back seat how
    friendly folks are in these parts. Meanwhile
    in the passenger seat Two-A-Day spotted a pair
    of shapely roller-blade girls and he wanted to
    climb out to collect phone numbers. Amphi
    whispered, "now!" I gunned the engine and barked
    out, "HOLD ON!" Spaz grabbed hold of my shoulder
    and squeezed with the intensity of the old Star Trek
    Spock Vulcan Death Grip and Two-A-Day yelled
    profanity I'd not heard since army boot camp.
    Amphi loves this sort of thing ya know. We hit
    the water doing about 15 mph, (pretty tame by
    Celina standards), and then I casually leaned
    over and engaged the propellers?.. Varooommmmm
    and away we floated. Eventually Spaz eased up
    on the shoulder death grip and slid his grip to
    around my neck, while Two-A-day stopped cursing
    in exchange for punching my already sore shoulder.
    It took them a few minutes to compose themselves
    and even less time to open the cooler. After few
    hours, several hundred questions and some highly
    embellished answers, and a pile of empty bottles,...
    not one fish. Not even a nibble for that matter.
    But it really didn't matter about the lack of
    fish because we were hangin' together, three old
    buddies, just floating in an Amphicar on the lake.
    No, it doesn't get any better than that.
    Thanks Amphi.

    '64 Turquoise
    San Diego, CA

    PS - to Dave the Wave, what's Marge the Wave's
    email address? I want her to see these 3 sexy little
    passengers YOU snagged off the Moose Lodge pier.
    Just kiddin mate. I haven't developed the 4 rolls yet,
    but you'll be the first to know when I do.

    PSS - 100,000 hits to! Whoa, that is cool!
  2. Al Heath

    Al Heath Guest

    ~Poda's story reminds me of Friday night. I get back in town after a week
    back east and Debra introduces me to our new exchange student (from
    Germany) that is staying with us this year. Just in the US since Wed
    night, and finally unpacked at our house a couple hours earlier in Friday,
    Debra winks and suggests we go for a drive, maybe with our swim suits.
    Since Anne is from Germany, perhaps we should take one of the German
    cars... Okay, its hot just a bit under 100 but sun is getting lower in the
    sky, been a long flight and why not, no better way to relax than a nice
    drive in a convertible to the beach. Anne still doesn't know what to
    expect ... everything is still so new ... we are just going to the beach,
    right? She's still a little unsure of her English, but at the lake I ask
    if she'd like to go for a swim. She shakes her head yes so we slowly head
    for the parking space, right next to the ramp. Ooops ... .missed the
    parking space and roll (didn't dare splash) down the ramp. About 20 feet
    into the water she turns her head over with this biggest grin I've ever
    seen, and we start to cruise out. Debra's in the back seat enjoying the
    reaction too. Those big grins are worth more than several thousand words.

    Al and Debra Heath

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