Licence plates finally


Cap''n John

After a 18 month ordeal to get my personalized plates, they are
finally on the car! (The pics I had of them on my site were faked).

I had paid the money to order them. They came in 7 months later and
sat there for 4 months. Seems they sent the letter to some address
that doesn't exist! (Humm, they get the bill for renewals and such to
the right place.) So I did not know they were in. "Somebody" decided
rather than finding me in the database, to send them back where they
were destroyed.

Now my money is gone, I reapply (and pay again) and wait for another
6 months. I called yesterday to see if they arrived yet. "Oh, yes
they are here and we sent you a letter in October" Yup, you guess it,
yet another non-existant address! So I went up and picked them up
before "sombody" sent them back again.

Now Amphicar Extraordinaire sports purple mountains, green grass
and "A WHAT" front and rear proudly!

John "A WHAT" Bevins