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ahite@Charleston.Net writes:

> A big double axle trailer with
> room to spare + my Amphi is too much weight for me to pull. My 12 ft
> single axle steel mesh trailer is probably the smallest trailer around
> that is rated to carry a 2300 LB Amphicar. My Amphi hangs over the
> front and back of the trailer. That's O.K. but I would much rather have
> a double axle trailer. So far, all that I have seen are so big that
> gross weight plus Amphi exceeds my car's pulling capacity. I've been
> looking for plans for a double axis trailer around 14 ft. With runners
> for the wheels only. That should keep the weight down to a minimum.
> Arnold Hite
> Johns Island, SC

Hi Arnold,
There is a new style trailer called spread axle. As your looking around you
will see special heavy load trailers with the axles spread about 6' apart.
These are trailers that carry over 100,000 LB permit loads like crane
sections. You could do the same thing.
Your trailer must have a good 4400LB axle could you add another? If you are
going to build one from scratch could you relocate the axle you have and add
another? You could even build the worlds smallest spread axle trailer. The
axle, tires and springs would add about 250LBS to your trailer and the extra
set of brakes would be sweet. You could stretch your fenders or add two more.
A little spread axle trailer with four single fenders might look cool too. I
bet it would be a nice stable trailer that will tow good, stop good and look
good. You could set the axles so you had the tongue weight that you want. And
your trailer would be as unique as your cargo.
Good luck and happy trails, Tommy in Tampa

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