Let Amphi swim with a DUKW



Just a thought but I think Hot Springs AR. would be a good spot for an
occasional swim in. It's a tourist town with Hot water bubbling from
under ground with thermal baths and pretty scenery. It also has the
"BELLE" of Hot Springs which is a large 400 passenger river boat that
tours the lake and dinner is served on board. Lets not forget the 3
lakes here but most important of all, it is loaded with the DUKWs. I
haven't been to any of the swim ins so I have nothing to compare it to
but there are alot of hotels here and I know where launches are free.
It's also kind of centrally located for east and west coast swimmers.
There is also an annual biker fest here. If enough people are
interested, I could talk to the local pubs, restraunts, and city
officials and see if things could be sweetened. If anyone wants any
info on anything, I live here and will kindly assist. At the least, if
you're ever in the area with your Amphi, go for a swim and check it
out. Have fun in Celina and drink a cold one with me. Bobby