LED Lights


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Good afternoon, Has anyone tried putting led bulbs in an Amphicar?.
Will they work on a positive ground car?
I was thinking of changing tail lights, Blinkers, reverse lights, and dash lights(if available?)
Is there a headlight available? The originals are like candles :)


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On a pos. ground car you would have to isolate the bulbs and wire neg ground as they are diodes!
Turn signal would need a special LED flasher.
Headlight I have tried all the fancy ones with signals etc built in with poor results. Just buy the brighter sealed beams 6024 I think is the number. they will work pos or neg. My Glass car was all LED. but its nEg Ground.


Cap'n John

I have All LEDs too (- earth car), except for headlights.Go with halogen bulbs (could be the number Gord mentioned). Tail lamps you should use red LEDs for brighter lights, NOT white! Red light passes thru red lenses better than white. Match the lamp to the lens color for brighter lights.

You can get an electronic flasher so they still go blink blink blink or add the resistor in line. I prefer the flasher myself.

I added one in the trunk, and under the engine cover wired to my marine lamps (glovebox (wired to under dash lamp)) for illumination where ya need it.