Learning many new things


Scott Moses

This has been a busy winter so far.

Inside of car media blasted, coated with POR15, and painted.
Engine removed and oil leaks repaired. $22.00 for used crank pully, timing cover
seal and pully seal from Rimmer Bros.
Prop shaft u-joints pulled, cleaned, lubed and reinstalled.
Transmission out and ready for inspection.
New front end bushings. The big spindle bushing size is 70x42x33.9 mm if anyone
is interested in making some.
Repaired the rip in the top from putting top down without unzipping. (ooops)

Next is blast and powder coat rims. Strip and buff the remaining trim pieces.

I enjoy this part as much as squeezing between boat trailers at the lake ramp.

Scott Moses

BTW, There was and Amphi in the February 2002 issue of the Amature Radio
magazine, QST.

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