Lead Body Work


John Friese

There's an article coming out, in the Oct 2001 issue of Hot Rod
magazine, about using lead filler on body work. I've heard lots of
discussion about what Amphicar people are doing to repair quarter
panels and water-proofing but I've not heard anyone talk about sealing
up the job with lead after spot welding the sheet metal parts in
place. Lead forms a good structural bond, doesn't have a big problem
with dissimilar expansion rates, is applied at a temperature that
doesn't cause warping, can be worked just about like Bondo and if done
right, will form a water tight seal that will not be dependant on some
epoxy coating for water tightness. Strength and water proofing all at
once. What a concept.
There still are some folks out there that remember how to work with
it, though practically all body shops can't afford the time or
training to use it. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on
the subject? The quarters on one of my Amphi's will need doing in a
year or so and I'm thinking that finding a body shop that will work
with lead might be a good idea.

John Friese


John: I think most people do a complete weld job on the panels. It is
called step welding, an inch or two at a time after spot welding,
letting it cool and welding another inch. this reduces warpage and if
you weld through the spot weld, its o.k. and looks better! Marc

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