LBJ Amphi


Ken Chambers

While at Celina I heard a suggestion for a possible future convention location.
hear LBJ enjoyed entertaining dignitaries and heads of state in his Amphicar at
Texas hill country ranch. I believe his car is still on display there. I'm
he would have enjoyed having a few dozen Amphis on his lake at the same time.
so sure his Secret Service staff would have been as amused. Perhaps Al knows
something about this, being from Texas and all. Anyone taken the tour? What's
do there? Would they welcome a big group for the day? Any other activities
nearby, hotels, etc? Hey Al, being so close to home you could stay for a week,
until the Secret Service throws you out.

Ken Chambers
'64 Amphi

Al Heath wrote:

> In regards to next year's swim in. How about making it
> longer. For those of us traveling many miles (or as with
> Dave, across the "pond"), a day and a half is very short....
> i.e. starts at 5 PM friday and by Sunday AM everybody is
> bugging out... Its true, a few came early and stayed later,
> but there was an lot to pack into just Saturday...