Late production Amphicar


Amphi Guru & Former IAOC President
This very much sought after late production Amphicar rescued from a barn recent where it has sat since the 1990s. If you love turning heads, waves of smiles and drawing crowds, this is exactly what you're lookin for. It also is now a TV star! Look for this very Amphicar on A&Es "Shipping Wars" this upcomming season.

This car was repainted from it's original Lagoon blue (light blue) to yellow at some point. Other than that it is a great example of an un-molested Amphicar. It is complete and in great condition for an Amphicar. It has it's original 1147cc engine which runs well. The original transmissions appear to be in good working order as well. All the rare and hard to find parts are there. It does have 5 original wheels and the tires have had very few miles on them (still having the blue protective coating on the whitewalls) All the glass is original and in good condition. The interior could be re-dyed and used as is.

What is needs is standard for any amphicar is both 1/4 panels and the area below the muffler and battery. There is some terrible bondo work on the passenger door which looks worse than it it really is.. It seems that this rust is factory installed on all Amphicars! Top bows are in good condition too. This car is a super car to either just Put a new top on it, do the bodywork and paint and enjoy it or for a restoration as it is so complete. Parts are available and not that difficult to get. I can provide you with all you'll need to know.

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