Last Year in Celina we VOTED!

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Last Year in Celina we VOTED!
Last year there was an election!
This year the board votes for the members. Okay
with me, but let's not forget how those esteemed board
members got their positions? (another re-post to
refresh your memories on those campaign speeches).

<"Vote for me and we'll drink lots of beer together
and produce more natural gas."
<"The new administration will view the support of
amphibious industrial technologies and discount
transmissions as a priority mission."
<"If I become president, I will keep a kosher Amphi."
<"I want a leaner bureaucracy and more investment in
boat ramps."
<"To those Amphi owners who have chosen to abandon
their Amphis by neglecting maintenance, I pledge to
have you hunted down and forced to take responsibility
for your Amphi via Amphi support and work furlough
<"My plan offers $50 billion in new investments over
the next four years--new incentives for the Amphi
sector, and investment tax credit, Amphi enterprise
zones, Amphi restoration business tax incentives,
Amphi research and development incentives and others."
<"At the very least, 10 % of the $76 billion that the
club now spends each year on newsletters should be
redirected towards lawyers who will help defend the
Amphibian Civil Liberties Act."
<"We can give you a club again where we are pro-growth
and pro-environment. Where we are pro-business and
pro-labor. Where we are pro-Amphi rights and pro-Amphi
<"We can pledge right now that for every dollar we
reduce the defense budget on research and development,
we'll increase the Amphicar research and development
budget by the same amount."
<"I want to increase federal funding for research,
prevention and treatment of Amphiphobia."
<"I support a strong Amphi role in the AMUC
organization to end Amphibious Driver Bias, profiling,
otherwise known as "driving while dripping wet,"(DWDW).
<"My administration will stand up for democracy and
buttress Amphibian forces throughout the Western
<"The United States should lead the fight to slow
Amphicar population declines, instead of dragging our
feet and ignoring the situation."
<"I want to appoint one person, man or woman, to
oversee and coordinate all federal efforts related to
issue of Amphi part shortages."
<"My administration will not permit Amphicar firms to
again sell key technologies to outlaw states like Iraq."
<"All the money by which we reduce defense research
and development I would put immediately into domestic,
Amphi commercial restoration research and new parts
<"I will elevate the club's economics; create an
Economic Security Council similar to the National
Security Council to protect all amphibians from
<"I want people like some of you in this audience to
be a part of a my Administration, not because of or in
spite of your amphibious orientation, but because I
need your vote."
<"If I become president, I will continue to reach out
to the amphibious people. I'll get back on a bus when
I'm president. I'll go back and have town meetings and
let ordinary people ask me questions. I will not hide
behind the walls of my web site."
<"After this election is over, I will continue to
reach out to the non-amphibious populous in an effort
to covert them into amphibians or Amphi admirers."
<"If I become president, I will have a cabinet that
looks like an Amphi interior."
<"My strategy puts amphibians first by investing more
than $50 billion each year for the next four years to
put Amphicars back into production - the most dramatic
economic growth package since the invention of Amsoil."
<"With the dwindling Amphi population, we can cut
defense spending by more than a third in 2001."
<"We'll restore the dignity of Amphicar repair persons
by guaranteeing an apprenticeship program to every
non-college-bound student in the USA."
<"We'll pass a Bilge Water bill to encourage recycling
of precious bilge water."
<"I will not raise club dues on the middle class to
pay for my new transmission."
<"An Amphicar for every Amphibian... and for every
Amphibian an Amphicar - floating or not."

Hey! Some of those campaign promises actually came
true. Just remember my fine finned friends... an
ounce of truth is worth a ton of campaign promises,
but it takes a ton of campaign promises to get an
ounce of truth.
See you in Celina, read you in the chat nook.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego