Last day to reserve rooms atthe Sheraton for the Microcar Classic event


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Officially, today is the last day to reserve rooms at the Sheraton Hotel for the Microcar Classic Event on July 13, 14 & 15, 2007. I have requested an extension of this deadline, which has been denied. I will ask the big cheese general manager if he can extend this deadline for us, but there are no guaranties.
So, if anyone need special accommodations such as extra nights at the special rate, or if you miss this deadline, please contact me, and I will <u>try</u> to see if they will honor the reduced rate of $79.00 as a courtesy for guests who are attending our event. But, if you get your reservations in today, then neither you or I will have to worry about it. The regular room rate is $179.00 per night, so this represents a $100.00 savings per night! Do it now, before you forget.

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