LakeDora schedule



Basically, the schedule is quite open and spontaneous much the same as
previous years. Most Amphicarites will probably arrive Friday anytime from noon
to 4 PM. The Captains' Party as always will still be at the Lakeside Inn agt 6
PM as I understand it. Saturday, as usual we arrive at the site probably
between 8 and 9 AM or so and swim and play all day. Weather is forecast to be
excellent - sunny and warm. There are planned to be both land and water
shuttles back and forth to Mount Dora 5 miles away where there are, of course, the
antique shops as well as a craft show and restaurants. Exactly how the
shuttles will be worked, I have no idea, so like all the rest of us, it is a wait
and see situation.

Saturday night, the regular Banquet Extravaganza will as usual be at the
Golden Corral which is a mere
1-1/2 miles away. The possibility of a night swim exists after the Banquet.
Sunday, there may very likely be a Dora Canal excursion. I think, but do
not know, that this is promoted and spurred on by such as Tommy and Gord
Souter and others. I have never been on this "cruise," but will likely take part
this year based on the rave reviews from past years.

Dave Monier will as always be our "leader" and our Banquet Emcee. We have to
have our eyes open for a reasonably priced Amphicar to get him back firmly on
board ! Hopefully, his fear of water has abated and he can again be the
"Master" of his own Amphicar ! ! ! ( Just kidding, you know ) He is, after
all, the one who gave me my first Amphicar ride and helped me to allay my fear
of deep water. Sailing around the world was a different matter, but in a
little tin bathtub - now that takes some getting used to ! Thus far, we expect 12
to 15 Amphicars. I am unaware of any cars coming from California or anywhere
else out west this year, but Gord from Canada as well as New Hampshire and
North Carolina will have their Amphicars here. As always, we may have some
surprise entries. See you all there.

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