Lake Perris


Last February when we were in California with our Amphi, we spent a
day on Lake Perris (Out Van Buren, by March AFB).We had a great day
there, gave a lot of rides, and were warmly received by the locals. It
is a large lake with a great ramp and even a island with a sandy
shore. If it is windy, like the day we were there, you even get some
whitecaps due to the large size of the lake.

Would definitely recommend it to other Amphi Owners - but make sure
you do it off season. We were told that during the peak summer season,
you need a reservation months ahead of time, you are given a 15 minute
launch window, and peaple camp in line the night ahead, to reserve
their spot. Being from land of lakes Michigan, this sounded
unbelievable to us, but guess you fresh water starved Californians
have to share what you have!

Paul Lalewicz 64 Green