Lake of the Ozarks Swim September 26 27 28

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
:dft003: It is ofishall. September 26/27/28 weekend. Get Your Alhonna reservations in early. 573 365 2634. Limited cabins are available. We will probably stretch weekend into a week. There is more than enough to do, even on the "off" season. :cool:Cameras or recording devices will not be allowed, what happens in Ozarks stays in the Ozarks:dft012: . Schedule of Events. Drive,swim,eat,drink and repeat. Either on Your own or with someone. If the past is any indication of future this will be one kick ass time. Perhaps someone can post some pics of years past. (Rochelle:D) or ................ Later Dave the Wave


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Another shot from the past year

These guys had four boats there---this one to watch and three to race

Plus each boat had two tractor trailers, one to carry it and one for the crew

So----------how much is your insurance?????


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