Lake of the Ozarks Meet


John Friese

Hello Amphibians,

Been back for a few days now and want to say that this meet was the
best meet I've ever been at. Great water, great accomodations, great
people and tons of fun. A special thanks to the local host Roger
Sallee for opening up his lovely home to us and providing just a small
bit of voluntary structure to the event. The fireworks show and his
neighbors birthday party added extra fun. The offshore boat races
provided extra thrills and loads of admiring fans of the Amphicars.
Although several people that I had looked forward to seeing couldn't
make it, those that did were a great example of the variety of
Amphicar owners in our club. The wives had a great time both on the
water and in the bar. I hope to get there again next year and, if so,
will stay longer in this beautiful area.

John Friese
67 White
67 Red