Lake Murray CA Amphi Swim, 6/7/03


Ed Price

The Lake Murray Swim-in, held Saturday near San Diego, was a great success. The
weather was cool and overcast, with mists blowing across the lake and even some
very light rain. We had 7 Amphi's, and half a dozen Amphi-less restorers. I shot
a lot of photos (uhh, 130 to be exact & about 20MB), and not one with my finger
in front of the lens or with the camera still in my pocket. The day was truly
blessed by the gods!

Anyway, some of the shots are really good. There's a good
water-up-the-windshield shot, and a few navigation violations! Since I had so
many pixs, I decided to not post them to the Yahoo site. Instead, I put them all
up on my sites. Just click on the link below, then click on the first image
link. If you want to save the image, right click. Then, click back to get back
to the list.

After you have seen the entire list, click on the next pack of pictures.

47 in Pack 1, 47 in Pack 2, & 36 in Pack 3.

And thanks for the Amphi rides!

El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

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Marc Schlemmer

Thanks for posting all those photos! It looks like Amphicars can have fun
even if the weather isn't perfect!

Would anyone who attended be willing to identify a few of those people in
the photos? So many of you California folks many of us haven't met....and
it would be nice to put a face and a car and a name. Nothing fancy....just
something simple like IMAGE024.JPG is Amphipoda.....etc... And by all
means, not EVERY photo. Just a half dozen or so that show specific people
and their car.

Marc Schlemmer