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    I found I can say "no way it cant be the rotor!!" One hundred thousand
    times. But I get ahead of myself. Rotor. Saturday morning awake early
    with anticipation anxiety. Pulling the family by their ears to get
    going. Finally an hour and a half late we are on the highway. Marge
    knows not to try small talk, I know after 15 minutes on road Ill relax
    and get over it. All is well when alternator belt breaks. I completely
    knew then this was going to be a day when there is no use in fighting
    the clock. Parts were close so no real delay. Made it to Lake Geneva. We
    park and others are there. Car is off trailer. Margie and I are gabbing
    away. In between lines I go I want to swim now. Where is the ramp. Who
    wants to go. Everyone seems content to stand in lot and talk. Iam ready
    to snap. See the special on sleep deprivation? Robert Drake is laughing
    at me. Dave your shaking! I need water now! Near resort is small lake
    with ramp borrowed from Celina. Ahhh in water. All is well a couple
    times in and out. Iam starting to unwind. Off to antique boat show.
    Brown Wonder gets a mile away. From running smooth to dead in a second.
    All looks ok. After messing around borrow Nick Borchardt rotor. Purrs to
    life. Its a new rotor it cant be bad. Its a flippin rotor what can go
    bad. I put my spare rotor on. It too is bad. No flippin way!! Rotors
    don't go bad! There isn't anything there that can go bad. Its not the
    rotor!! But Dave they try to console me, we put your rotors in our cars
    and they don't run. You have two bad rotors. It cant be!, and we have no
    beer! Iam nearly sobbing when Marty Peters hands over a cold one. I put
    the bad rotor in pocket and off to town in search off the magic rotor.
    We had such a good time in back seat of Nick and Sandy's car. We laughed
    for hours. They really enjoyed my pain. Nick loves to entertain the
    crowd. We made it to Pappa Corys. Steve Behnke and family had scouted
    out exit area earlier. Not a ramp but a place without rocks. All made it
    out on second hair raising try. At bar I searched for rotor. I knew I
    would find one here. Like a D.E.A. dog I sniffed around. The pair of
    blondes at bar didn't have the rotor I was looking for, nor the
    brunette. But Marge Iam looking for a rotor,really I am. Finally a
    Triumph restorer. I wont type the language he used to describe his Lucas
    feelings. He suggested a bag of ten spares. I went back to table and go
    figure nobody believed I ordered a rotor and was waiting for delivery.
    After dinner and rotor in hand we headed back to Interlaken. Brown
    Wonder was purring again. Sunny Sunday to be continued. Later Dave the
    It Can't Be A Flippin Rotor Wave.

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