Lake Geneva -Factory tools (not tool pouch)


David Derer

What a wonderful get together. The smaller group makes it so nice. We
get to spend more time together talking and looking at each others cars.
Tom and Cindy Jones have a lot of nice changes to thier car. Including a
Pinto carb and street rod wiring. Wayne Schmedlien is the genius behind
some of these ideas of Pinto carbs and milk jug gaskets for gas gauge
redos. When leaving boat show he scared us when he bounced his rear
bumpers off of ramp. Luckily no damage done. We stopped the boat show as
we all drove out. We got completely surrounded and the crowd loved it.
Marty Peters shifter came off in his hand but was still able to shift.
Erics car was trouble free. Nick got scolded by police for a going too
fast in harbor. We got kicked out of Yacht Club and did not mind. Total
of nine cars. Even Brian Estermann made an appearance with his Amphi.
Bill Foley gave me a set of the factory tools. We discussed having these
reproduced. Any interest? Also we are planning on a camping trip to
Wisconsin Dells end of October. Brrrr It will be a lot of fun no matter
what the temperature. Later Dave the Wave