Lake Geneva Classic Car Rally & Swimin

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We are planning on going to the 24th Annual Lake Geneva Wisconsin
Classic Car Rally on Saturday and Sunday, September 29th and 30th
again this year and we were wondering if anybody else is planning to
We had such a good time last year! We even had fun catching a HUGE
drenching wave and spending time on the side of the road with one of
Dave the Wave's bad rotors (and yes Dave, we remember "It can't be
the rotor!").
Good food! Great conversation! Driving up and down the beach with so
many Amphicars was so cool. Swimming the Lake and running up the
beach to Papa Corry's bar and grill.

For those who haven't attended before, they have a Wood Boat Show and
Antique Outboard Motor Display on Saturday. On Sunday, the Car Show
Finale is at the Interlaken Resort ? all the cars park around the
Chalet. They have a Flip Flop Clown show for the kids, and a flyover
of WWII Bi-planes and classic aircraft.

Lake Geneva is definitely more fun with more Amphis than one. Last
year we were one of eight cars attending. We want to make a
reservation ASAP or as soon as we hear if anyone will join us. The
host hotel is the Interlaken Resort (FULL), Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
We stayed there last year and the rooms were very nice. The Best
is right downtown on the lakefront. Last year we all talked about
trying to stay there.

Marty & Caryl Peters
'64 Turq

<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">I plan on being there on Sat and maybe Sun. Hope to meet all of you then.

Tim Wick</font>