Lake Dora Update



Any of you who have pulled up the Registration Form for the Lake Dora
Swim-In or who have considered coming to the Swim-In have read or heard that if the
Registration is not received by March 5th, the $40 Registration Fee is
increased by $50.

Quite truthfully, I thought this was someone's mistake and that they had
meant to say that After March 5th, the Fee would be $50 instead of $40.
However, An Amphicar owner and IAOC member called me to day from Ohio as he is
thinking to bring his Blue 1964 Amphicar south to balmy Florida and never having
been to our Swim-In before, he asked some questions about what it was like. He
called and left a message on my answering machine. He is the first one to
contact since the March 5th cut off date, so I called the Event Chairman to
ask if this $50 ADDITION applied to our Amphicars. He said NO. NOTICE N O.
The $50 was not a mistake, but they have such problems with late Registering
Boaters because of the necessary docking requirements, that is the reason that
Penalty was imposed. It goes without saying that it would have been nice if
they had told me or us OF this in advance. Just the same, I was able to call
the Ohio man and tell him that the $50 was being waived for all Amphicars.

In the event anyone did register after March 5th and sent the extra $50, it
should be refunded and I think it would be. However, there is probably nobody
in this situation. However, Please do register soon if you are bringing
your Amphicar, because the Antique Boat Club will have Custom badges made up for
all Registrants and their Crew and it will make things run smoother if these
things are in hand prior to you arrival. They cannot make them up in the
last 3 or 4 days I am pretty certain.

Other than that, the weather is pointing toward warm and sunny as the
Chamber of Commerce would proclaim. Currently, it is in the low 80s during the day
and no rain in the forecast. Just as a reminder, this is our 12th Annual
Lake Dora Swim-In and the last 11 have had marvelous weather. Even if we had a
little rain, remember it would be "warm" rain, not the white kind ! As we
have said before, it will be FINE in 2009 here at Tavares on Lake Dora. See
you there and do bring "Amphi" - it deserves a warm vacation too.

Again, any questions, call me (386) 228-2118 or e-mail me at
_nelson625@aol.com_ ( I am told that due to the
current economic situation, hotel rates in Florida are drastically reduced.
I will call and inquire what the rates currently are at the Inn on the Green
and the Harris Lodge so I can answer knowledgeably.

Vic (Capt. Splash) Nelson
with the 1967 "Split Personality"
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Canadian four amphs

Amphicar Expert
March 19th
14 days of over 80* Did the Dora Canal today with daughter and Son in law..
they leave Sat,, Ron Leaves today.
JOhn Capone...coming Dpwn...Phone me....
They are working on site now, Baicades up, Bleachers there, more docks hooking up. Ramp GOOOOOD!!