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    This Information is directly from Peter Fredsall, the chairman of the Lake
    Dora Amphicar Swim-In


    The annual Amphicar Swim-In at the Lake Dora Antique Boat Festival is on
    for March 26 and 27, 2010 at Wooten Park in Downtown Tavares, Florida.
    Tavares is now the location for this event, held through 2006 in nearby Mount
    Dora, Florida, though it is only 6 miles west of Mount Dora on the same LAKE
    DORA. The Sunnyland chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society puts
    on the boat show, and a special area has been set aside for us and our
    Amphicars. The host hotel for us Amphibians is, as it has been for the last 13
    years, The Inn on the Green, located about 2 minutes drive from the show
    site and actually closer than it was to the Mount Dora location. Call the
    Inn on the Green at (352) 343-6373 and be sure to mention the Amphicar Club
    to get the low nightly rate of $69.00, which is the lowest rate we have ever
    secured for this busy weekend in Tavares. Should there be no room at the
    Inn, there is the nearby Best Western Lake County Inn and Suites, a somewhat
    more upscale hotel with two-bed rooms for $99.99 and one-bed rooms for
    $89.99. The number there is 352- 253- 2378 or _tavares@gmail.com_
    ( . Also very near the show is America's Best Value Inn, a
    motel with rooms for $89.99. The number there is 352- 343-4666. Friday will be
    arrival day at Wooten Park. Friday night all registrants are invited to a
    Captains Party hosted by the Boat Club where we can enjoy the camaraderie
    of nautical fellowship and cocktails, not necessarily in that order. The
    "big" show day, however, is Saturday! That day features the afternoon
    mass Amphicar Splash-In with a an official escort through the park followed by
    the cheers of hundreds while our 770s do what they do best, one after the
    other or two by two. Saturday night will be our prize-filled Amphicar
    Banquet Extravaganza in the Banguet Room of the nearby Golden Corral Buffet
    which is reserved just for us. Friday usually also features informal water
    tours by Amphicar of the area's very scenic canals and lakes. This is truly a
    chance to enjoy the charms of "old Florida" only a few miles yet a world
    away from modern Disney World Florida. I want to emphasize that Wooten Park
    is quite family friendly, with a large playground for children and a brand
    new splash park area. Yes, late March afternoons in Tavares are often plenty
    warm for bathing, splashing fun. Boat club President Terry Fiest is a big
    booster of the Amphicar contingent at this show, and has set an Amphicar
    block on the registration form, and registration fee of $30.00 for Amphicar
    registrants, which represents a Ten dollars reduction from last year and
    less than boat registrants are charged. The Registration Form can now be
    pulled up by going to _www.acbs-sunnyland.com_ (
    . When you fill out the form, go the Amphicar section which is separate
    from the other boat section and you will see the $30 rate and requested
    information. Some of the information requested is both confusing and
    unnecessary, as all our Amphicars are basically the same as far as specifications. If
    you have trouble with the internet form, contact me at
    _fredsalls@bellsouth.net_ ( or (386) 788-9211 or 149 Nautical
    Drive, South Daytona, FL 32119and I will give you the address to write and
    request a hard copy of the registration form. Remember, Lake Dora is
    the place you'll wish you had been in two thousand ten. Peter Fredsall
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    I had very nice meeting with Tavares City Officials. I got a tour of new docks and amphibian plane area,They have lots of work to do. They promise to have it ready. They expanded beer garden, to include all of down town! Its nice to have Gov officials listen. Later Dave the Wave
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    YouTube - Sunnyland Boat Festival 2009 This You Tube link is a pleasant compilation of last years boat show. I think there needs to be a wooden boat in My future. Later Dave -7 again today Wave.
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    Well I finally got around to checking out some information about the Lake Dora I won't be there this year :012:, but my parents have a place in Citrus county that's not too far from Lake next year I may have to do some planning and try to make it down.
    Have fun everyone.

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