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Approximately January 1st, the Lake Dora Swim-In Flyer was transmitted to
our Newsletter Editor and he acknowledged receipt of it over the telephone. He
said he was in the process of getting the next newsletter ready to go which
would include the Swim-In Flyer. For unknown reasons, hopefully not related
to any health problems, the editor has not returned calls or e-mails AND more
importantly, the Newsletter has not arrived with the Lake Dora Flyer. Our
club president is also unaware of what the problem may be.

The LAKE DORA SWIM-IN (which has previously been called the Mount Dora
Swim-In) is alive and well and will take place in 2 weeks. The
reason for the name change is that though the Swim-In will still be on Lake
Dora, the location has moved 5 miles west of Mount Dora to Tavares at the NW
corner of the lake, As has been previously mentioned in other e-mails, the
Antique Boat show along with the Amphicar Swim-In and the Woodie Car show
have become a victim of its own success and needed more space which the new site
will provide. The Antique Boat Club is planning both land and water
shuttles between the Event site at Wooten Park and Mount Dora.

For all Amphicar owners planning to attend who have not contacted either
Dave Monier
(352) 726-5074 or Victor Nelson (386) 228-2118 or e-mail:
_nelson625@aol.com_ ( please call or e-mail us so we can plan the
necessary space and handle other logistical matters. As of last week, there was
still space at the Inn on the Green ( which is only
1-1/2 miles from the event ) with a special rate for Amphicar people, but
you must mention that you are part of the Amhicar group (800) 935-2935. If
that is full, another close motel is the Microtel (352) 315-1234 which is about
5 miles west of the Inn on the Green on US 441. The Lake Harris RV Resort is
3 miles from Wooten Park and costs $35 a night for a full hook up (800)

The BIG DAY, of course, is SATURDAY MARCH 29th, though there will also be
things going on Friday and Sunday. This will be the 11th Southeastern Amphicar
Swim-In and we plan to continue our unbroken run of great weather which has
blessed us for the last 10 years. As always, our grand celebratory Banquet
will be Saturday night with lots of fun, story telling, prizes and
camaraderie. Come enjoy our Florida warmth, sunshine and hospitality. SEE YOU IN 2
For any additional information or directions, please call.

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