Lake Dora show not soon enough

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Its weather like this that makes hot and humid feel perfect. We are ready for Fla show but looks like car wont be. Grrrrr.


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I am getting ready to head south this week, just waiting for Amphi car to finish paint and put away...
should be able to stay at least till Sat of Dora show. but then have to rush
home for Doctor app. on Tusday. Big Opp. is April 12th. have to have all heavey work done by then.
Dave do not forget those parts you are to bring Down.


A car from Florida to your place???
I will map it and see how many more miles out of the way and get back to you.I know its a 2 day trip from Fl,. home and I know your a full day away from me. and I think your 2 day from Fl, too,
HMMMM>........Yep , your 400 extra miles out of my way and a extra day.. that would meen leaving on Sat. and missing the Dora show,, not so good.