Lake Dora Boat Show


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Ray -

Sorry we missed you and Chris at the Lake Mirror Classic, because, as I know you heard, the weather worked out to be fantastic - even partly sunny when the Amphicars wentswimming.It wasa comfortable high 70's all day. As you know, the weather forecasts were ALL worse than terrible even as recent as 5 am that morning. The rain which had been torrential stopped at 8 am and from then on, the cloudy weather kept the temperature very comfortable. I had been enroute the 100 miles to the show when the bottom dropped out of the sky and I debated turning around. Imagine my surprisewhen the rain ceased 2 miles from Lakeland. We had 5 Amphicars present and itturned out to be a greatshow. As always, the show goers loved our Amphicars.

I thank you for putting the scanned copy of the Orlando article on line. We pick up a little information here and there on the Lake Dora show situation. I have had several conversations with Terry Fiest including at Lake Mirror, as well as with other participantswhoown eitherWoodie carsor Amphicars. Basically, it is a wait and see situation to determine how well the newlocation works out. The existing ramp at Wooten Park is totally unusable by our Amphicars as it stands at present, based on both my and Pat Rovetto's observations. According to Terry Fiest, the city of Tavares is to redo the ramp area completely in time for the March show, though Iwastold 4 days ago that nothing has been done to this date. Again, thanks for the update. Vic </font>

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