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I just pulled out my Registration Form for the Lake Dora Show which of
course also serves as our local Swim-In and get-together. There has been a
fair amount of discussion on this site regarding the change in Registration cost
with Amphicar owners on both sides of the discussion as those of you who
have followed the subject are aware. Some feel that it is appropriate because
it is expensive to put on a good show while others feel that the exhibitors
ARE the show and it is not reasonable to require such an increase. Some say
that it depends on what you are getting in return for your Registration Fee with
which I agree. However, in this case, most of us have little use for the
"Goodie Bags" and the contents are generally full of advertisements and items
aimed at the Antique Boat people. My personal sentiments are that a fair
number of potential participants, even ignoring the present state of the economy,
see the rising Registration Fees as yet another obstacle to make it more
difficult for newcomers or younger folks who would like to get into the antique
car hobby. Due to the substantial rise in antique car values, many of us hear
from potential hobbyists that they simply do not have the spare funds to
acquire a desireable old car. This is due in no small measure to the deep
pockets making headlines at many of the auctions - especially the televised and
much ballyhooed Barrett-Jackson event which caused in our case in particular a
substantial increase in the purchase prices of Amphicars as well as other
Marques we covet. As has already been mentioned, at the new Lake Dora location,
the public is now charged admission in addition to almost doubling the fee

As I have previously advised, Registration must now be directly through the
Sunnyland ACBS Club on their 2 page form which can be pulled up on line at:
_www.ACBS-Sunnyland.com_ ( IF you are
unable to bring up the form, e-mail the event chairman at:
_Terry.Fiest@cubic.com_ ( and he will get one to you.

I knew there was a deadline for Registration, after which there was a

SO BE ADVISED - Register before March 5th for $40, or after March 5th for
$90. It is very clear on the form that this is not an error. On the form it
states that "Registration received after March 5th is an ADDITONAL
$50." The word "ADDITIONAL" is quite definite. It does not say that after
March 5th, Registration is $50.
So Dave, in response to your wondering about just showing up, it could
definitely backfire on you.

Any other questions, e-mail me at _nelson625@aol.com_
( or call me at (386) 228-2118 We are looking forward to a great time
and have "special ordered" wonderful Florida weather for everyone for the
12th time in a row ! Come see for yourselves. Lake Dora will really be
FINE in 2009 !
Vic ( Capt. Splash ) Nelson with the 1967
"Split Personality"
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Well this might be the sign to change things. Why not enjoy a day of Amphibinness at Dora then go to boat show as visitors only, leaving Amphicars at visitor parking. You guys have 150 miles of connected lakes use Your imagination and do something different. Or how exciting would it be to have an entire GROUP kicked out! Let that freak flag fly!! The group at Lake Harris Lodge has increased in size. I think we should throw a party there -Friday? any thoughts? Can not wait to see everyone again!!! Viva Tavares Dave the Wave

Canadian four amphs

Amphicar Expert
I am here now checking out the lakes and rivers, there is PLENTY!
and you can still pay just $5 and go see the wooden boats etc. as Dave Said...

Umbrella up yesterday calm and sunny, in lake all Afternoon.
I will help get a stand on our own swim going. Its up to you
To those whom are coming to FL end of march what do you want?


Finned Friends, I agree. It's time to go off on our own. The Lake Eustis boat ramp has a large parking area & I doubt that we would be hassled there. It is also adjacent to the Dora Canal & the Dead River. There is also a small restaurant on 441 & the Dead River that has a small boat ramp. Its not like we couldn't find a place to eat along 441. Also, Clermont, 25 miles south & west of Tavares, has a downtown boat ramp ($5.00) & a large city park. Like what was said, we could always drive over to the Boat Show & park in the adjacent parking lots. With no Amphicars inside their 'viewing area' there would be no parade, no splash in & no 'free Amphicar' rides. Who knows.....we might be invited to stay & that's when we could negotiate an fair price. Ray


New Member
Thanks for backing me up Ray. That's what I was trying to get across
about a week ago. We should have our meet at the old Dora site. No
cost, lots more fun , no crowds to deal with. Chuck

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
Well if the ones in charge do not mind- We will have a party at our digs Lake Harris Lodge. - Lake Harris Lodge Party on the patio at the Hide Away. Vic please let Me know if this does not work with your plans. Later Dave the Wave
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