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Larry & Nancy Solheim

Made the journey from Orange County to Lake Casitas
near Santa Barbara today in 35-40 mph winds -- as if
driving a motorhome w/ a precious dingy through the LA
traffic wasn't traumatic enough already! The first 18
miles, from Villa Park to Santa Fe Springs took 1-1/2
hours due to a jack-knifed semi on I5. None of the
many LA "swervers" or "darters" caused any real
problems, tho.

Had a very pleasant visit with Hugh, Shellee, Bob and
Scott at Gordon Imports. Really enjoyed the warehouse
tour and all of the parts, the cars in-progress and
the hulks awaiting (a lot of) work. The new parts
were great, but it was really nice to see all of the
old, used stock that Hugh maintains to support us all.
A lot of amphibious history here.

--Larry & Nancy

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