Kudos to the Board


Kazoo Books

Amphipoda: Thanks for reminding us that there is a group of energetic
souls out there that glues this group together. The idea of belonging
to an active car club that transends geographic lines is hard to
imagine. We are meeting finlover friends from all over the country. BI
(before internet) this would have been impossible. Yes, 2nd and 3rd.
Thanks Board.

Thank You
James & Gloria Tiller
and Tinker
Kazoo Books
407 N. Clarendon
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49006
(800)516-2665 (616)385-2665
email read@kazoobooks.com
- over 65,000 quality used books


Dear friends, Thank you for all your hard work . I am our local president
every four years and I understand , but thats what keeps it going . We have a
very unique and helpful group of people and a fun car to talk about and thats
what its all about. Thank you, Mark and Karen Amsdill Dexter mich. 62

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