Koni shocks and POR-15


Ken Chambers


I bought a set of those Koni rear shocks from Hugh several years ago and finally
got them on an Amphi. They are, oh, so nice. They require the later model
larger diameter springs but then install perfectly on my '64. The old shocks
were completely shot. Every bump in the road
produced a squeak, squeak, squeak. When removed, a cup of rusty water poured
out of each one. When I visited Hugh recently, he told me he requested Koni to
make another production run for him but they refused saying they don't deal in
small quantities anymore. So Hugh had to go
with some racing shock substitute. Koni later called him back saying they
reconsidered and offered to make them just after Hugh bought a bunch of the
other shocks. When he runs low, he'd like to stock the Konis again.

I cleaned up the coil springs and gave them two coats of POR-15. They look like
they're powder coated. So far I like POR-15 and plan to use it on the underside
and bilge. I like working with POR-15. It seems to flow, penetrate and cover
very well. I've used it in a few other
locations as well and I like the results. It does seem to be very tough like
the manufacturer claims. A satisfied customer.

Ken Chambers, CA
'64 Amphi

> Can anyone give me their experience with painting the underside of the hull as
well as the wheel housing areas. What did you use. Por-15, rustoleum, simple
semi gloss? Question number two: Does anyone have any experience with Gordons
old replacement shocks which were Koni's.
> Thanks for any tips. I prefer not to use Por-15 but then again the rustoleum
is oil base. Is this a negative? I wouldn't think so but I'd love to hear what
some of you have used or everyones opinion.
> Mike