Kimpex Shocks


Ken ''KD'' Roy

I was looking over Gord Souter's directions for making shocks work.
The Brand name is Kimpex (not Kimplex).
For late model cars the numbers would be
Kimpex 04-258 front
Kimpex 04-268 rear.
See his directions for making them fit.
I found Kimpex's phone number & called them.
I told them I was with the Amphi club & we could use several thousand of
these, and
asked them if they would be willing to modify them to fit our needs
They didn't laugh at me or say no.
What they would need are the exact specs & modifications needed, & the
quantiy we need.
They would then check with their overseas manufacturer to see what could be
What we should do is have a disignated representative (Gord maybe, since he
knows what modiifications need to be done) to deal with them. No sense
having 50 of us calling them with the same questons. If someone does this,
let's not make it a 'proprietary deal' where they will only sell them to one
person. The whole club should benefit from this.
Till later.....
Ken Roy