Kennedy Space Center & Tommy-in-Tampa



Took Amphi to see the Space Center today. It was awesome! Still sad
from the recent loss. I found the memorial very moving - so much
training, pride and accomplishment by so very many lost so suddenly.

On a separate note, we would like to loudly and publicly thank Tommy
& Lynne for their outstanding graciousness and hospitality. We
stayed in their beautiful orchard; shared their pristine lake (and
none of the Amphicars had to be "swum-in"); spent time on the Gulf,
learned inside information about the circus, carnivals & the Flordia
State Fair; and saw the Weird Harold and Stalworth projects - both
which will be terrific when complete. This must be where the
definition of Southern Hospitality was derived. I hope we can offer
a fraction when they (and others) come to visit in the Pacific NW.

--Larry & Nancy

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