Just a few more hours and Celina Bound

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Mike Israel

Hi All,

Well, thanks to generous loan of trailer by Ron
Gaydis, and use of truck from my former college
roomate, it looks like I am ready to go. Amphi was
loaded on trailer this morning and I will head out at
o-dark-thirty tomorrow.

With Amphi up on trailer I was really tempted to slap
some fiberglass on the holes I made in order to be
able to swim her this weekend. But no time for that
as I would also then want to water test her first. As
anyone who has been there knows, the hot-hole on
Friday evening is not the place to be float testing
your Amphi.

See you there. I will be at the Holiday Inn along
with Amphi who shall remain on trailer for this year.
Safe trip to all.

Mike I.